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***In line with the precautions taken due to the Covid 19 outbreak, the congress will be held as a hybrid meeting (virtual and face to face participation) in accordance with the announcement of Higher Education Council on 06.03.2020.

This congress is organized as the multiplier event of the OPIECE project, a Strategic Partnership project for higher education funded by the Turkish National Agency and co-financed by the European Commission under Erasmus + Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices.

About Us

Sakarya University


The nucleus of Sakarya University, whose mission is to educate individuals by all kinds of equipment modern civilization requires, has been formed by School of Engineering and Architecture founded in 1970 affiliated with Istanbul Technical University. This school has turned into the State Academy of Engineering and Architecture in 1971 and served as a faculty from 1982 to 1992. Sakarya University was established according to the Law No. 3837 dated July 3, 1992.

As one of the universities established in 1990s, Sakarya University has set a good example not only for its success in completion of academic units and technical infrastructure but also its advances in laboratories, educational and social services, internet infrastructure and informatics as well. Sakarya University is the first and only state University receiving the ISO-2002 Quality Certificate and "the EFQM Excellence Quality Certificate of Competency Level".

Evora University


The University of Évora is organized in 4 Schools: Arts, Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Nursing and offers 41 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate degrees. Research and Development covers several scientific areas through a network of 14 Research Units, all of them submitted to international evaluation, under the coordination of the Institute for Research and Advanced Studies. Furthermore, the University of Évora established three Chairs in areas of excellence: Biodiversity, Renewable Energies and Heritage, which are sponsored by private capital holders. Over the last years, the University has fostered a close l ink with the community. Such interaction has been possible through the creation of working networks and dissemination of knowledge such as the participation in the Science and Technology Park as well as through the establishment of protocols and contracts for the supply of services in partnerships with Companies, Universities, Associations and Institutes. The main R&D areas are: Agronomy and Biodiversity; Geophysics, Environment and Landscaping; Materials and Surface Science; Economics and Business Studies; Computer Sciences and Software Interoperability; Social and Political Sciences, History, History of Art, Science and Cultures; Applied Mathematics; Education; Linguistics and Literature; Elderly Healthcare. The 150 running research projects are developed through national and international partnerships, FP7 and H2020 funding, FCT as well as by private sponsorship.

Stichting DRIO


Drio is constructed by Three O`s in Dutch: Ondersteuning-Opvoeding-Onderwijs.

The inspiration from this came through social, cultural and life experiences to combine upbringing and education through a strong support with the parents in the centre towards their children.

Touching more people and having them touch each other to think beyond borders! These are all the borders we face all the time, personal, educational, culture, country borders etc. It did start with the combination of these 3 needs in society/culture/people/world/life….

The First O is for “Ondersteuning” which means Support.

The aim of DRIO is to support children, young people, parents and teachers with project based work regardless their background, age or belief. Drio actively engages and supports the (social) community and participates in local and international projects.

Second O is Onderwijs which means `Education`.

One of the other aims of Drio is to follow the educational technologies and innovations and researches, based on educational needs. Forming them creatively and bringing them to/reaching the education areas (schools, organisations, parents etc.) with projects/ activities. The focus with this will be especially on early childhood education.

The last O is Opvoeding which means `Pedagogy/Parents Support`.

The other aim of Drio is to find creative /new ways to network and reach parents and by the different and creative presentations/ workshops increase the parents’ involvement for education/schools and to support them with new innovative pedagogical methods for raising children in a safe and carefree environment.

Vytauto Dıdžıojo University


Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas of Educational Sciences: 1) trains teachers of early childhood and primary education, teachers of all school subjects and other specialists for the system of education (special pedagogues, psychologists, social educators, career counsellors, managers and others); 2) implements projects in teachers‘ professional development, organises training courses and workgroups for dissemination of the good experience, etc.; 3) provides professional consultations on issues related to the quality of education in early childhood education institutions, schools, teams of teachers and separate teachers; 4) develop educational documents at the national level , educational programmes, educational material to educational institutions; 5) develops and fosters educational and transformational mentoring as a prerequisite for high quality teacher education; 5) develops and implements relevant innovations in education and teacher education.

The Department of Childhood Studies is a division of this University , which carries out the following activities in early childhood education: implements the Bachelor study programme “Early Childhood and Pre-primary Education“ (287 students) and the Master‘s study programme “Early Childhood Education“ (21 students); delivers professional development courses (about 700 teachers per year); mentoring courses (20-40 teachers per year), provides consultations to municipalities, early childhood education institutions and parents. The Department of Childhood Studies employs 16 full-time teachers. The kindergarten “Mažųjųakademija“ (The Academy for the Little) is functioning under the University, which is attended by 46 children (10 teachers).

Hendek Municipality


Hendek Municipality is the only actor to provide effective factors such as making zoning plans that will guide the social, physical and cultural development of the village. There may be a point shot impact on the sustainability of the project, such as the conversion and allocation of the space required for the project concerned according to project eligible notes. In Hendek Municipality there are technical directorates such as Parks and Horticulture Directorate, Science Directorate, Plan and Project Directorate, Directorate of Urban Development and Urban Planning, Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate thanks to which an investment of 14.000.000,00 TRY is planned to be realized through the engineers, technicians and technicians in these directorships in 2018.

Yenimahalle Anaokulu


Anaokulu is located in Yenimahalle, which is very crowded with population density in Hendek district of Sakarya. It is a one-storey school in a calm, green, garden. The garden is an ideal Pre-school Education Institution by its location and building structure. Yenimahalle Kindergarten was opened to service in the academic year of 2014-2015. In the first year, 70 students, 1 manager and 5 teachers started the education process. We have 1 director, 1 assistant principal, 8 preschool teachers, 16 assistant teachers and 3 support staff. We have 4 morning and 4 afternoon classes at our school and 4 and 5 year olds at our school. Yenimahalle Anaokulu adopts a project-based education approach. There is an open-air planting planting area, sports and gymnastics area, music and rhythm area, sand pool and a comprehensive playground which children can use in the garden. We take precautions in terms of safety in our school. Emergency teams have been created and necessary equipment has been provided. There is also a fire extinguishing system. Our school is watched with 24 hour camera system. Transportation of most of the students is provided by the service.


This project is implemented under the Erasmus + Key Action 2 Higher Education Area Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices program. The aim is to improve the inter-institutional network, to increase their transnational working capacities, and to share ideas, practices, and methods. Thus, through the cooperation between experts from different parts of Europe, good practices at higher education level in early childhood education are shared.

With the “Outdoor Oriented Practices in Early Childhood Education OPIECE” project carried under the coordination of Sakarya University, it is aimed to design a child-friendly educational street to support early children developments wholistically with the support of municipal expertise, to design outdoor plays in line with the determined attainment targets , and to compile an e-book in which parents and teachers would be able to find all this information, and an elective course that will take place in pre-service teachers' undergraduate education.

Invitation To The Congress

Dear Academics,

An international congress will be organized as the multiplier event of the project titled “Outdoor-oriented Practices in Early Childhood Eduation” under the Coordination of Sakarya University within the scope of Erasmus + Program Key Action 2 Higher Education Area Strategic Partnerships.

We think that the congress, in cooperation with the project partners Stichting Drio / The Hollanda, Evora University / Portekiz, Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas / Lithuania, Hendek Municipality and Yenimahalle Kindergarten, will create a rich platform for intercultural transfer and dissemination of good practices and to share experiences.

We would be extremely pleased to see you among us at the congress, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your contributions in advance.

Invited Speakers


Shirley Wyver

Invited Speaker

Where should children play? Risky outdoor play and modern urban environments


Prof. Dr. Belma Tuğrul

Invited Speaker

Child Develops through Play: Play in Outdoors


Sue Waite

Video Presentation

The National Curriculum Outdoors: focus and flow


1st Panel



Prof. Dr. Firdevs Karahan







Chris Franken




Hızır Çağrı Güngör



Municipal views of Child-Friendly Streets



2nd Panel



Prof. Dr. Ayşe Güler Küçükturan




Dr. Guida Veiga



Out to (w)in: body-oriented practices in the outdoors to promote children’s emotional wellbeing


Gülşah Van Dijk



The diversity of outdoor plays and educational environments in the Netherlands





The diversity of outdoor educational environments in Lithuania


Nuriye ÜNAL



The role of the family in outdoor practices in kindergarten



Prof. Dr. Fatih SAVAŞAN - Sakarya University Rector


Prof. Dr. Ayşe Güler KÜÇÜKTURAN - Sakarya University


Prof. Dr. Firdevs KARAHAN - Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Ayşe Güler KÜÇÜKTURAN - Sakarya University
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Barış HORZUM - Sakarya University Doç. Dr. Suat KOL - Sakarya University
Guida VEIGA - Universidade de Évora / Portekiz Gülşah GÜNGÖZ VAN DIJK - Stichting DRIO / Hollanda
Ieva PAZUSİENĖ - Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas / Lithuania Gabrıela ALMEIDA - Universidade de Évora / Portekiz
Jose MARMELEIRA - Universidade de Évora / Portekiz Luis LARANJO - Universidade de Évora / Portekiz
Ona MONKEVİČİENĖ - Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas / Lithuania Birutė AUTUKEVİČİENĖ - Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas Lithuania
Arş. Gör. Esra Betül KÖLEMEN - Sakarya University Arş. Gör. Elif BOZYİĞİT - Sakarya University
Arş. Gör. Burcu KOÇ - Sakarya University Arş. Gör. Mehmet UYSAL - Sakarya University
Hızır Çağrı GÜNGÖR - Hendek Municipality Hasan ALTUNTAŞ - Hendek Municipality
Mehmet Sarp KARATAŞ - Hendek Municipality Nuriye ÜNAL - Yenimahalle Anaokulu
Muhammed BULUT - Yenimahalle Anaokulu


Prof. Dr. Adalet Kandır - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Asiye İvrendi - Pamukkale University
Prof. Dr. Ayla Oktay - Maltepe University Prof. Dr. Aynur Bütün Ayhan - Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Ayperi Sığırtmaç - Çukurova University Prof. Dr. Aysel Köksal Akyol - Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Ayşe Belgin Aksoy - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Ayşe Dilek Öğretir - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Belma Tuğrul - İstanbul Aydın University Prof. Dr. Berrin Akman - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Bülbin Sucuoğlu - Hacettepe University Prof. Dr. Çağlayan Dinçer - Hasan Kalyoncu University
Prof. Dr. Dilara Fatoş Özer - İstanbul Kent University Prof. Dr. Dilek Acer Çakar - Ankara University
Prof. Dr. Duyan Maden - Hacettepe University (Retired) Prof. Dr. Ebru Aktan Acar - Çanakkale On Sekiz Mart University
Prof. Dr. Elif Çelebi Öncü - Kocaeli University Prof. Dr. Elif Dağlıoğlu - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Elif Yeşim Üstün - İstanbul Aydın University Prof. Dr. Emel Arslan - Necmettin Erbakan University
Prof. Dr. Emine Ahmetoğlu - Trakya University Prof. Dr. Esra Dereli İman - Osmangazi University
Prof. Dr. Esra Ömeroğlu - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Fatma Alisinanoğlu - Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
Prof. Dr. Fatma Tezel Şahin - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Fatma Ünal - Akdeniz University
Prof. Dr. Feyza Erden - Ortadoğu Teknik University Prof. Dr. Figen Turan - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Gülden Uyanık - Marmara University Prof. Dr. Gülümser Gültekin Akduman - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Handan Asude Başal - Uludağ University Prof. Dr. Hatice Bekir - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Havise Güleç - Çanakkale On Sekiz Mart University Prof. Dr. İlkay Ulutaş - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Meziyet Arı - İstanbul Gelişim University Prof. Dr. Mesude Atay - Başkent University
Prof. Dr. Mesut Saçkes - Balıkesir University Prof. Dr. Mübeccel Gönen - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Müdriye Yıldız Bıçakçı - Ankara University Prof. Dr. Nergis Güven - Hacettepe University (Retired)
Prof. Dr. Neriman Aral - Ankara University Prof. Dr. Neslihan Avcı - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Nesrin Işıkoğlu Erdoğan - Pamukkale University Prof. Dr. Nilgün Metin - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Nilgün Sarp - Bilgi University Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Darıca - Hasan Kalyoncu University
Prof. Dr. Ozana Ural - Marmara University Prof. Dr. Özcan Doğan - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Perihan Ünüvar - Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Prof. Dr. Pınar Bayhan - Hacettepe University
Prof. Dr. Rengin Zembat - Maltepe University Prof. Dr. Saide Özbey - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Semra Erkan - İstanbul Gelişim University Prof. Dr. Serap Erdoğan - Anadolu University
Prof. Dr. Serdal Seven - Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Prof. Dr. Sibel Güneysu - Başkent University
Prof. Dr. Şakire Ocak Karabay - Ege University Prof. Dr. Tanju Gürkan - Ankara University (Retired)
Prof. Dr. Tülin Güler Yıldız - Hacettepe University Prof. Dr. Ümit Deniz - Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Aydoğan - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Yaşare Aktaş Arnas - Çukurova University
Prof. Dr. Yeşim Özlü Fazlıoğlu - Trakya University Prof. Dr. Yıldız Güven - Maltepe University
Prof. Dr. Z. Fulya Temel - Gazi University Prof. Dr. Zarife Seçer - İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa
*Scientific Committee members are arranged in alphabetical order by name.

Topics and Scope

The topics for the congress are gathered under three main titles as the project’s main aim is, by designing a child-friendly educational street, to inform preschool teachers about the importance of outdoor-oriented practices, to raise awareness of implementation results, and to design appropriate educational practices that can be applied outdoors.

• Child-friendly urban space design

• The importance of outdoor plays and implementations

• The role of outdoor plays in preventing digital addiction

Papers can be presented in Turkish and English.

Audience Participation Application Form

Paper Submission

Accepted Papers

Dear Participants;

Thank you for your contribution by sending a paper to the congress. 68 papers were sent during the application process, but 4 papers were excluded from the evaluation because they were outside the scope of the congress topics. 64 abstracts within the scope of the congress were evaluated, and the evaluation process was carried out as follows.

No Author’s Name&Surname Title of the Paper Instutition Country
1 Şu** Ka*** Okul Öncesinde Dış Mekân Uygulamaları: Almanya Örneği Hasan Kalyoncu University Turkey
2 Hü*** Gü*** Og*****, Ha*** Gü****, İl*** Gö**** Okul Öncesi Dönem Çocuklarına Yönelik Açık Oyun Alanlarının Karşılaştırılması (Denizli-Samsun-Sinop Örnekleri) Sinop University, Pamukkale University, Ondokuz Mayıs University Turkey
3 Eb** Bo**, Me**** Sa**** Dış Mekân Oyunları ile Dijital Oyun Bağımlılığı Arasındaki İlişki Dicle University, İnönü University Turkey
4 Şu** Sa*****, Ha*** Sı** Me****, Ya**** Ak*** Ar*** Changes in the Outdoor Experiences of Preschool Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period According to Parental Views Çukurova University Turkey
5 Pe*** Ak*** Investigation of Preschool Teacher Candidates’ Views about Out-Of-School Learning Environments: Autumn Activity in School Garden Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Turkey
6 Ni***** Da****, Ze**** Me****, Bü*** Bi*** Okul Öncesi Kurumlara Ait Okul Bahçelerinin Öğrenme Ortamı Olarak Değerlendirilmesi Hasan Kalyoncu University Turkey
7 Gü**** Ho*, Eb** De******* Gü* Sokak Oyunları: Oyun Sokakları Munzur University, Çukurova University Turkey
8 Es** Be*** Kö*****, Ay** Gü*** Kü******** Okul Dışı Öğrenme” İle İlgili Metaforlar Sakarya University Turkey
9 Ia* Bl******* Don't forget the dads: the value of dads' groups United Kingdom England
10 Ay***** Ko* Açık Hava Etkinliklerinin Çocuğun Bilişsel Gelişimine Etkisinin İncelenmesi Sakarya Serdivan Vilayetler Hizmetbirliği Şefkat Kindergarten Turkey
11 Ar** Öz*****, Şe*** Şi*** Ka** Examining the Views of Preschool Teachers on Using Open Spaces Activites Karabük University Turkey
12 Ze**** Yı**** Kuşlar İçin Lunapark Projesine Genel Bir Bakış Şırnak University Turkey
13 Öz** Ru*** Er***, Öz*** Dö**** Investigation of Outdoor Play and Technology Usage of Preschool Children During COVID-19 Pandemic Şırnak University, Maltepe University Turkey
14 Gö*** Ko*****, Tu*** Er***** Evaluation Of Graduate Thesis Related To Outdoor Activities In Pre-School Education Gazi University, Sakarya University Turkey
15 Sa**** Ke***, Öz*** Yu** Ta***** Oyun Alanlarında Ebeveynlerin Mobil Cihaz Kullanımı: Yetişkin Eğlence Eğilimi Önemli Mi? Bülent Ecevit University, Trabzon University Turkey
16 Ay*** Kö**** Ak***, Al* Ak** Ak*** Müzede Oyun Oynamak Ankara University, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Turkey
17 Me**** Ka******, Se*** Se***** Çe*** Outdoor Tıme: Vıews And Practıces Of Teachers & Parents Middle East Technical University Turkey
18 Me**** Ma**, Em** Ar****, Me*** Te*** Okul Öncesi Öğretmenlerinin Sınıf Dışı Etkinlikler Kapsamındaki Bilişsel Gelişim İnançları Necmettin Erbakan University Turkey
19 Ok*** Ta******, Ay/// Öz****, Ec* Bi*****, Ha***** Po**** Herkes İçin Çocuk Dostu Mekanlar: Kapsayıcı Çocuk Oyun Alanı Önerisi Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Turkey
20 Ar** Öz*****, Şe*** Şi*** Ka** Outdoor Summer School: An Example Karabük University Turkey
21 Öz*** Gö*** Ka******, Ay** Ka** From The Child's World: "My Dream Children's Park" Karabük University Turkey
22 El** Gö**** Erken Çocuklukta Sınıf Dışı Öğrenme “Little Schools Outdoor” Örneği Zübeyde Hanım Middle School Turkey
23 Ar** Ö*****, Ha**** Ke***, As** Gü*** Özel Eğitim Kurumlarında Özel Gereksinimli Çocuklar İçin Açık Alan ve Bahçe Kullanımının İncelenmesİ Karabük University Turkey
24 Se**** Ay*** U** Pandemi Sürecinde Açık Hava Etkinliklerine İyi Örnekler Şehit Murat Akdemir AİHL (Kindergarten) Turkey
25 Şe*** Ün** Çe*** Oyun Sokağı: Bir üniversite-toplum iş birliği etkinliği Kırıkkale University Turkey
26 Ta**** Ta*****, Se***** Ay***, Ay*** Kö**** Ak*** Erken Çocuklukta Açık Alan Deneyimlerine Dayalı Alan Gezileri: Ankara University Tandoğan Yerleşkesi Örneği Ankara University Turkey
27 Öz*** Gö*** Ka******, Ca*** Ün** Environmental Awareness of Preschool Teachers Qualitative Study Turkey
28 Em****** Ca* Ya***, Ta**** Ta***** Doğal Açık Alan Etkinliklerinin Dikkat Eksikliği ve Hiperaktivite Bozukluğu Tanısı Olan Çocuklar Üzerindeki Etkileri: Sistematik İnceleme Kırıkkale University, Ankara University Turkey
29 Fe**** Sa***, Ay*** Kö**** Ak*** Açık Alan Etkinliklerinin Bebeklerin Gelişimlerine Yansımaları İstanbul Medipol University, Ankara University Turkey
30 Me**** Ku***, Ba****** Ay***** Okulöncesi Öğretmenlerin Okul Dışı Öğrenme Ortamlarına İlişkin Görüşlerinin İncelenmesi (Sakarya İli Örneği) Sakarya University, Kastamonu University Turkey
31 Es*** Gö*** Fi**, Hi*** İl**** Tu***** Ebeveynlerin Açık Havada Oyuna İlişkin Metaforlarının İncelenmesi Sakarya University Turkey
32 Je*** Am****, Le**** Ha****, Ma*** As****** Fo**** Adventuring The City With Children: The Role of Children's Teachers Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Universidade de Évora Brazil, Portugal
33 Sh**** Sk***** An action research project based on teacher reflections on their pedagogical practice in a nature preschool in the west of İrlanda during Covid-19. Mary Immaculate College Ireland
34 Em****** Ca* Ya***, Öz*** Gö*** Ka****** An Investigation of Master's and Doctoral Theses On Nature-Based Educatıon Programs and Outdoor Actıvıtıes in Turkey: Systematic Review Kırklareli University, Karabük University Turkey
35 Mü***** Yu****, Ab****** Çi********* Okul Öncesi Eğitim Kurumu Outdoor Tasarımına Farklı Bir Bakış: Karabük University Demir Çocuk Anaokulu Karabük University Turkey
36 El*** Nu* Sa****, Fa*** Se*** Se****, Mu***** Be**** Street from Past to Present Through The Eyes of Parents Sakarya University Turkey
37 Gö*** İn** Kı*******, Ay** Öz**** Sa*** Investigation of the UK and Turkey Playgrounds Aydın Adnan Menderes University Turkey
38 Ri** Ma*********, Na*** Ve********* Nursery Environment and Its Use in Developing Knowledge of Nature Vilnius University Lithuania
39 Mü****** Sü***, Ha**** Be*** School Administrators Views Regarding the Current Status and Use of Gardens of Schools and Institutions Offering Preschool Education Services Amasya University, Gazi University Turkey
40 Ha**** Öz******, Me*** Yı****** Okul Öncesi Dönemde Dış Mekân İle İlgili Yapılmış Lisansüstü Tezlerin İçerik Analizi Sakarya University Turkey
41 Ze**** Kı***, Di*** Ba****** Anadolu’da Dış Mekânlarda Oynanan Çocuk Oyunları İstanbul Medipol University, Balıkesir University Turkey
42 Pa****** Lu**, Ay** Öz**** Sa*** Comparing gardens designs of early childhood education institutions in İngiltere and Turkey Anglia Ruskin University, Aydın Adnan Menderes University England, Turkey
43 Bu*** Ko*, El** Bo****** Outdoor-oriented Practices for English Language Teaching in Early Childhood Education Sakarya University Turkey
44 Kü*** Bu***, Hi*** Me****, Az** Kü**********, Ar** Yü****** A New Alternative to Outdoor Games: Mobıle Augmented Reality Games İstanbul Medipol University Turkey
45 Gö**** İl*** Il***, Em*** Ah******* Çocukların Dış Mekân Oyun Alan Tasarımlarının Resim Yoluyla İncelenmesi Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Trakya University Turkey
46 Ay*** Se** Ak**, Şe*** Ba********, Ye*** Kü*** Mu***, Ar** Yü****** Farklı Ülkelerdeki Okul Öncesi Öğretmenlerinin Dış Mekan Oyunlarına İlişkin Bakış Açılarının İncelenmesi İstanbul Medipol University Turkey
47 Re**** Ze****, Hi*** Yı**** Playing Activities During The Pandemic: An Evaluation From The Preschool Teachers Maltepe University, Artvin Çoruh University Turkey
48 Ne***** Ar**, Ba**** De***, Em** De*** Okul Öncesi Öğretmenlerinin Oyuna İlişkin Algılarının İncelenmesi Ankara University, Ardahan University, Tarsus University Turkey
49 Tu*** Bi***, Sa**** Ke*** Mevsimler ve Ebeveyn-Çocuk Oyunları: Kardan Adam Örneği Ministry of National Education, Bülent Ecevit University Turkey
50 Ne***** Ar**, Gü* Ka*** Bağımsız Anaokullarında Yer Alan Oyun Alanlarının İncelenmesi: Çankırı Örneği Ankara University, Çankırı Karatekin University Turkey
51 Br**** Sı***, Gu**** Ve***, Ca****** Rı****, Jo*** Fr**** The play behaviors of portuguese Children with Hearing Loss in mainstream and special schools: a review study Leiden University, University of Évora Portugal, Netherlands
52 Jo** Ma********, Va***** Go*******, Ar***** Ra****** Physical activity of elementary school children during recess time University of Évora Turkey
53 Ay*** Kö****** Turkey’de Okul Öncesinde Dış Mekan Oyunu İle İlgili Yapılan Çalışmaların İncelenmesi Ankara University Turkey
54 Se*** Er*****, Ka**** Öz** Ay***** Examination of Playgrounds in Terms of Preschool Children Safety: Ankara City Case Necmettin Erbakan University Turkey
55 El** Gü****, Ba** Ar****, Hi**** Si*** Gö**** Parents' Views on Children's Playground - A Case of İzmir Cocukdostu, Dokuz Eylül University Turkey
56 Ma***** Mo*****, Ri** Co******, Gu*** Ve***, Fr******* Lo*** The impact of Kindergarten Outdoor Policies and Physical Environments on Children’s Affordances to Play Universidade de Lisboa, University of Évora Portugal
57 Bü*** Nu* Es**, Ay*** Se** Ak**, Di**** Be****, Ey** Ça****, Mu***** Bü**** Şe********** Investigation of the Audiologist's Views of Preschool Children With Hearing Loss on Playing Outdoor Games İstanbul Medipol University Turkey
58 Fa*** Ay*****, Bu**** Ay**, Ne***** Ar**, Fi*** Gü**** Father, Child, Play During Pandemic Ankara University Turkey
59 Nu*** Tu****, Ar** Ar**** Erken Çocukluk Eğitiminde Bahçe Akademisi; Kültürlerarası İletişim İçin Bir Uygulama Örneği Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Ministry of National Education Turkey
60 İs* Ka**, Ze**** Ta**** Investigation of Theses Investigating the Effect of Play on Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Zaferler Primary School Turkey
61 On* Mo**********, Bi**** Au***********, Ie** Pa******* Outdoor oriented practices in early childhood education: creation of educational contexts Vytautas Magnus University Lithuania
62 Na*** Mo**** Nature-based play for children aged 3-12 Portugal
63 Eli***** J**** Do* Outdoor activities in ECE and the centrality of context, confidence and creativity England

Congress Program

International Congress of Early Childhood Outdoor Practices (ICECOP)

1 / 3
2 / 3
3 / 3

Tentavive Program

Day 1 – 24 March 2020
Opening Ceremony
Invited Speaker
Panel (Child-friendly Outdoor Practices)
Moderator Prof. Dr. Firdevs KARAHAN
Chris Franken - VFO architecture bureau Eindhoven/HOLLANDA
Hızır Çağrı Güngör - Hendek Municipality Hendek/TÜRKİYE
Panel (Outdoor Practices)
Moderator Prof. Dr. Ayşe Güler KÜÇÜKTURAN
Guida Veiga – University of Evora Evora/Portekiz
Gülşah GÜNGÖZ VAN DİJK - DRIO Eindhoven/THE Hollanda
Ieva PAZUSİENĖ - Vytauto Didžiojo University/ LITHUANIA
Nuriye ÜNAL - Yenimahalle Kindergarten Hendek/Turkey
Coffee Break
A trip to Child-friendly Educational Street in Hendek
Gala Dinner
Day 2 – 25 March 2020
Invited Speaker
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions
Concurrent Sessions
Closing Ceremony & Cocktail

Paper Guidelines

Original research articles, review studies, and studies including implementations in line with the purpose and scope of the congress will be accepted for presentation at the congress. The submitted articles must comply with the principles of research and publication ethics, have not been previously presented on any platform, and should not be in the process of evaluation for publication elsewhere.

All abstracts submitted to the congress undergo double-blind review process. The reviewers will not be informed about the author of the submitted article, and the identity of the reviewers evaluating the article will not be share with the author (s). The result of the reviews will be sent to the authors, and the papers will only be accepted for presentation after the necessary changes are made.

Abstract Format;

Abstracts will be included in the congress booklet.

Full Text Format;

The full texts of the papers presented at the congress will be reevaluated in line with the publication process of the journal.

Papers can be presented in either Turkish or English at the congress, but the abstracts to be included in the booklet should be sent in English.


The authors can send their papers within the scope of the congress to the journals below.

Congress Electronic Books

Registration and Accommodation

“International Congress of Early Childhood Outdoor Practices (ICECOP)”is the multiplier event of the “Outdoor-oriented Practices in Early Childhood Education Project” which is funded by the Erasmus + Program Key Action 2 Higher Education Area Strategic Partnership and coordinated by Sakarya University.


Participation in the project is free, no registration fee will be charged from the participants and the services listed below will be provided.

Attending Scientific Meetings
Congress Bag
Printed Materials (Name Badge, Certificate of Attendance)
Congress Program
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Gala dinner


Participants will make their accommodation at the hotels determined by the “Serdivan Turizm (Hakan Genç)” channel.

Serdivan Turizm

Adres:Arabacıalanı Mh. Eski Kazımpaşa Cd. Meydan Serdivan İş Merkezi. No:82 İç Kapı:2 Serdivan – Sakarya/Turkey Telefon: +90 264 242 00 08



Dear Participants,

We are proudly presenting you the recordings of the congress presentations held on 24-25 March 2021. Due to some technical and ethical restrictions, we are unable to display all the contents of the congress. Thank you for your understanding.

Surely, we would like to emphasize our gratitude once again to the contributors of this project congress: Erasmus+, Turkish National Agency, Respected Academics, Novice Academics, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Municipality Staff, Kindergartens, In-service & pre-service teachers, and Early Childhood Associations.

Thank you very much for attending the International Congress of Early Childhood Outdoor Practices (ICECOP). We would highly appreciate if you could evaluate the congress. Your feedback is invaluable as we would like to make our future congresses even better. Please fill out the evaluation form below.

Important Dates

Congress Announcement July 13, 2020
Abstracts Submission Deadline January 31, 2021
Announcement of Abstracts Evaluation Results February 10, 2021
Full Text Submission Deadline April 20, 2021
Announcement of the Final Program of Congress March 1, 2021
Congress March 19-20, 2021
NOTE: Due to the COVID 19 outbreak in the whole world, arrangements can be made when necessary.


You can contact us for your questions about the congress.


Adres:Sakarya University Eğitim Fakültesi Dekanlığı 54300 Hendek-Sakarya/Turkey

Congress Secretariat

Esra Betül KÖLEMEN +90 264 295 71 40
Elif BOZYİĞİT +90 264 295 35 20
Burcu KOÇ +90 264 295 3683

International Congress of Early Childhood Outdoor Practices (ICECOP)